Karen F. Fulbright - Biography

Karen Fulbright was born August 1956 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her High School years were spent at Hazelwood Central involved in Art, Year Book, Newspaper and with being a CO-Op Business Student for her Senior Year. Upon Graduation in June 1974 Karen went on to St. Louis Community College then University of Missouri, St. Louis for Graphic Arts and a minor in Business.

Ms. Fulbright is owner and Vice President of Career Information & Training Network (CITN) which was developed by Glenn Doughty and Karen Fulbright in April 1986. Karen has fine tuned her skills to create multicultural career and multimedia recruitment videos for Schools, School Districts, Community Colleges, Universities, State Departments of Education and Business. With the use of effects, music and a fast-pace ALL are produced with a MTV approach for the viewers “Edutainment”.

Over the last 23 years CITN has worked in recruitment for Dual Credit, Tech Prep and Coop programs along with the businesses who employ these graduates. Karen has put her skills into creating fast-paced multimedia videos and websites that show students and adults the career options available to them. CITN’s 350 career segments within the Career Lane Network along with customized videos for each CITN location have resulted with increased enrollment for clients in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Wyoming and Counting. These multimedia segments have won numerous Telly Awards for Video Production Excellence in Career Information and has also been awarded The National Vocational Education Association’s Business of the Year designation.

Karen has created a process that assists any client with the addition of a customized multimedia program series into direct recruitment by: mail, presentation to Students and/or Parents, Counselors and internet. Ms. Fulbright researches careers for preproduction and scripting, customizes scripts, manages field production, edits tapes into finished fast paced video for students, and put together successful websites for each of CITN’s clients.

Ms. Fulbright discovered her love for art as a small child who wanted to draw everything she saw. Karen developed her art and graphic skills through high school, college and later working in commercial art as a designer with numerous awards for her fine art received from school & public competitions. Coming from a large family she helped her younger siblings with school and life. Being involved with Masonic Youth Groups from 12 to 30 assisted in developing organizational and charitable skills thus the humanitarian side of Ms. Fulbright evolved. Working to help students and businesses reach the future through employment and skilled employees, which fits her resolve for her own business. She is a single female who represents female entrepreneurs that get the job done for their clients.